The Amazing Green Cheek Conure

It’s funny how sometimes a tiny creature can have such an impact on your life. Every day in the presence of such a creature is a great day so to speak. There are days that this creature will keep you laughing for hours or decide to hide in your pocket while you go about your business. Their loyalty and love exudes endlessly and forever; all until their last heartbeat. But what am I talking about? I’m talking about a Green Cheek Conure!

These tiny parrots are quickly becoming popular all over the world. Their lovable personalities and their need for companionship is great. From the get-go, a Green Cheek Conure is a marvelous pet if it has been hand fed and well socialized.

One owner that I talked to in a pet store was amazed at how intelligent and present these creatures were, they always lived in the moment. She stumbled upon a Green Cheek Conure while browsing in a pet store for a gerbil. Though she had intended to leave the pet store with the gerbil in hand, she actually left with the young conure. It was an impulse buy; however, it was an impulse buy that this lady would never regret. She ranted and raved about this tiny ball of feathers that loved her so much.

It spoke a few words and always paced back and forth waiting to get her attention when she walked in her front door. She never thought that a tiny parrot could exude so much love and devotion. In her mind, before owning any birds, she believed birds were simple creatures, in a sense, dare I say, robotic. Now her little feathered family member changed all that!

I had asked the lady about her impulse buy. I wanted to know what made her purchase the tiny conure. She told me that the bird was out on his cage happily rummaging through his food. She poked her finger at the bird and the bird quickly responded by lifting up its foot to step up. As quickly as the bird stepped onto her finger, it crawled up her arm and near her neck. There, the bird snuggled up to her and started gently preening her hair. You might say this bird was a great salesman! After that, the two became an inseparable pair.

This story is one of many that seems to be a typical scenario. In fact, many people are now discovering what Green Cheek Conures are all about. These birds are quickly becoming as popular as budgies, lovebirds, and cockatiels. Though they are not as large as their larger South American parrot cousins, they are very much parrots. Many owners will quickly insist these tiny parrots are trapped in the body of a macaw or Amazon. Just like their larger cousins, they thrive in strong relationships, eat their food with one hand, are gregarious, and form monogamous relationships that last into their late twenties. Everything about them is all parrot!

With that being said, I hope this website will give you all the information you need to train your pet Green Cheek Conure and discover other things you may have never known. Hopefully all the material on this site will help your little friend thrive in a happy and healthy manner.

Many of the articles published on this website will be basic, while other articles will be more advanced and jump into bird psychology. I hope the site will be a helpful resource for those who are new to owning Green Cheeks and those who are experienced owners.